Storing your winter gear and equipment

Summer Storage Suggestions & Best Practices (pdf version)

Commonly, the end of the season leaves expensive race and resort equipment in disarray and poorly cared for. A little time now can save a large expense in the Fall and insure that your equipment will be ready to go when the snow returns.

We’ve devised this list with suggestions and best-practices from our collective experiences and perspective as an equipment supplier. What follows may not be fool-proof or apply to your exact situation, but we hope that it contributes to equipment longevity and saves you hassle and money in the process.

It is recommenced that each gate be inspected(shaft, shaft protector, hinge and base) before summer storage. Set aside any broken gates and make a list of needed parts. If the budget allows, purchasing replacement parts now could save you money in the fall when new pricing takes effect. Likewise, if the product is still under warranty, now is the time to submit a warranty claim to WCS.

Gates should be cleaned of debris and stored upright or flat in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. If you use bungees or WCS BMA Bungee, we recommend that you loosen then to relieve tension on the hinges.

While fence, fence poles and Warning Banners can be deployed for summer events and activities with our adapters, we recommend that you and your staff take note of worn or tired equipment and neatly roll them for easy deployment at your next event. Remember that while most of our plastic products are UV stable, we suggest storing these items in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

For B-Net to perform as it is designed, it needs to be cared for off the hill as well as on. Any sections of B-Net that are torn, sliced or cut should be flagged for immediate repair or retirement. For assistance with B-Net repair, please contact WCS. B-Net that is more than 5 years old should be evaluated for wear and tear as well as UV exposure and replaced if necessary. Replace broken or damaged poles and clips.

B-Net should be dried and rolled tightly and stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Roll net with poles adjusted so nets have a clear top and bottom. Storing B-Net vertically with dryer sheets may discourage critters from taking up summer residence.

With summer operations increasing at many resorts, lift pads may play an important role in summer safety. Those pads that are not needed can be removed and stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Pads that are needed should avoid direct contact with the ground (dirt, water) if possible. Doing so will help prevent mildew.

Kids, guests and athletes don’t want to put on a bib stained with hot chocolate or ketchup from last season. Put them away dry and clean. WCS recommends Granger’s Performance Wash for dye sublimated products.

While each individual drill is different, we recommend making sure that the drill’s chuck is well lubricated and battery stored as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Drill bits should be clean, and dry to prevent rust. If drill bits are dull, consult WCS for suggested sharpening locations.

Summer Storage Suggestions & Best Practices