WCS offers select products for rent. These products depend on the product type, season and location as well as their intended end use.

Products for Rent


Dual Start Gate, take your event timing to the next level with this well designed timing system.

TO RENT – Please contact  Bob Kimball at  or Call: 800-555-0593

Gate and Panels

WCS rents training gates and panels (SPM 30 and 27mm gates with BrushGrip bases) in Colorado during the Fall/Winter training season.  WCS also rents SPM gates regionally in season to programs for events and special purposes. In all cases, rentals are for a set period of time, either a training session or training day.

TO RENT – Please contact  Bob Kimball at  or Call: 800-555-0593


WCS rents and installs SPM airfence for ski, Motorcycle and cycling events. Airfence systems are rented by the unit and usually involve a site-specific safety plan. WCS supplies technicians to oversee for installation, maintenance, and removal and packing or can provide complete turn-key solutions when event staffing is limited. WCS and SPM airfence are exclusive suppliers to USSA for domestically hosted events.

TO RENT –  Please  contact Bob Kimball  or Call: 800-555-0593

Fabric Fence

WCS offers rolls of imprinted fabric fence for your event crowd control management. Fabric fence is available.

Fence Poles

WCS rents several types of poles for various needs. Most commonely, SPM Fiber Fence Poles and SPM Eco 25s are used to support rented fabric fence. For site specific rentals and applications, a WCS representative should be consulted.

Inflatable Arch

WCS has an inflatable arch that works well as a start, finish or venue entrance. Used in all seasons, and fitted with velcro and D-rings for banners, our inflatable arch uses an efficient motor to provide constant inflation.

Inflatable Start House Tent

From fundraisers to NorAm Cup events, our Inflatable Start House sets the stage for a high level event for any age group. Use it as a tent for shelter or a starting point for a race, our Start House Tent is flexible to suit your event’s needs.


For any questions relating to rentals in general, please contact Bob Kimball.