B-Net Rolling Pro Tip

With all the snowfall in the east, coaches and race crews are spending plenty of QT managing their B-Net.

Here are a few tips to make the job easier:

  1. When pulling b-net by yourself, pull the fence from the downhill end to the uphill end and lay it down on the hill with the poles perpendicular to the hill.
  2. Stake the top of the fence at the top end to keep it from sliding down the hill. You can use the section of fence above a gate or drill providing that the venue is closed and there isn’t any skier traffic.
  3. After pulling the fence, work your way down the hill to align the poles and move the clips apart on the fence so the net is taught. Clearly delineate a top and bottom of the fence. Top should be toward the center of the hill, bundle straps at the uphill end of the section of fence.
  4. From the downhill end, pull the net down hill so it is tight. The uphill end of the fence is staked so this should be easy.
  5. Walk the last pole of the fence up the hill to the third pole, and then double back to the second pole. So you’re rolling with two poles to start with instead of one.
  6. Maintain tension and roll uphill. Always uphill. Doing so makes the roll tighter and easier to handle and store.
  7. Maintain direction so it rolls straight; this makes all the difference when unrolling.
  8. Once at the top, use the straps to secure the bundle- or weave the last pole back into the roll at the top and bottom. Start with the bottom of the pole and finish with the top.
  9. Store upright and out of the snow. If you’re putting b-net away for the summer, see our “Summer Storage Suggestions and Best Practices.”

As soon as you get this system dialed, you can make quick-er work of you’re b-net installation.