SPM Light B-Net

Part #: NE 186.


This item is not available to purchase online. To purchase this product, please call 800-555-0593 during business hours or email info@worldcupsupply.com at any time.


SPM’s Light (7cm mesh) B-Net is suitable for any level of competition, from U-8 to FIS competition.

With all the same characteristics of our Standard (5cm Mesh) B-Net the Light B-Net price will make your budget go further and the lighter weight will make your set-up easier & faster. Coupled with SPM’s Light B-Net Pole (ME 240), the entire system is 30% lighter than a “standard” set-up. The Light poles are more flexible making a “softer” impact for the skier and making them ideal for a first line net where a multiple line set-up is being used.

Save $$ When you order complete B-Net and Fence/Pole Packages.

Call for quantity pricing 5cm and 7cm Light B-Net packages and to learn how the Kelly Brush Foundation can help your non-profit club with safety grants.

This item is currently only available to purchase by phone. Please call us at 1-800-555-0593 to purchase this item.

The orange color of the poles makes it easy to distinguish the SPM Light B-Net package from the Standard SPM B-Net package helping you to easily manage your inventory. Nets are 2m (6.6’) high x 20m (65.6’) long. All edges have double selvage with heavier twine for added strength. UV inhibitors help prevent deterioration from the sun. All nets come with Net ID tags with unique serial number so you can track the age and use of your net. To support 7cm B-Net, use SPM’s 8’ 5” Polycarbonate LIGHT Fence Poles (ME 240). B-Net bundle straps and clips are provided when b-net is purchased as a net/fence package. Save BIG when ordering Nets & Poles together!

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 21 × 4 in