SPM Polycarbonate B-Net Fence Pole

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SPM’s 25mm (1.3/8″) diameter B-Net fence poles are made of premium polycarbonate plastic and are available in two models: Standard and Light.

SPM’s unique premium polycarbonate formula is strong enough to effectively support the weight of the B-Nets under heavy snow loads and high speed impacts, unlike scored shear poles, and are designed to decelerate an athlete without breaking by flexing and releasing from the snow.

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The standard B-Net Pole (ME 250) has a 4mm wall thickness, which makes them more robust and rigid than most other poles, while the Light B-Net Pole (ME 240) has a thinner (3mm) making them ‘softer’ on impact. The Standard pole is most often paired with the SPM’s 5cm B-Net while Light poles may be paired with either 5cm or 7cm B-Nets. The fluorescent color of Light poles makes net type ID easy.

Each pole includes two rounded nub points allowing for either end of the pole to be inserted into the snow for an easier set-up, and also includes two, easy to use, patented self-locking adjustable cam lever clips. The 2.5m pole is designed for use with 2m high B-Nets.

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

Use with Light B-Net, Use with B-Net


Orange, Red


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