FSI Portable Inflatable Shelter

WCS’ Inflatable Start House is perfect for taking your event to the next level.

Measuring 16′ h x 18′ x l x  8′ w, our Inflatable Start House provides the athletes and venue with a true World Cup Experience. Easy to setup and transport. Contact WCS for rental information and booking. 800-555-0593

WCS Inflatable Start Dome

NEW! WCS Inflatable Start Dome.

Imagine being able to set up or take down a start house in 10 minutes without any tools. That’s about how long it takes and how easy it is to set up the WCS Inflatable Start Dome from Ins’Tent. An ingenious four leg design utilizes the principal’s of mechanical distortion to withstand winds up to 50mph. A Dacron outer fabric and polyurethane inner tube that incorporates AirTight Technology, eliminating the need for constant air supply, creates rigidity that is rock hard. 8 layer seam stitching provides maximum strength and ensures the correct level of air pressure resistance. Customizable fabric walls for all four sides are easily installed and removed using a heavy duty zipper system and an optional front awning (zipper attachment) creates a well-protected exit area. Multiple domes can be attached using the available connector pieces. The complete dome and top weigh less than 50lbs and pack into a carry bag that is easily handled by one person. We believe this is the start house solution we’ve all been waiting for.

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