Brad Williams


President and CEO
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My career up to this point has been anything but a straight line in the ski industry and has included stints in financial services, chefing at several restaurants, COO roles at leading apparel and home furnishing catalogers, some angel investing and even producing a documentary film about Bode Miller.

That said I was lucky enough to have parents who put me on skis at the ripe young age of three and have been hooked ever since. I dabbled in racing as a kid and grew up watching Stenmark and trying to figure out how to ski just like him. While I’m still working on that, skiing has been my passion and what ultimately led me to my involvement with WCS.

It would be impressive for me to be able to say I raced in college and coached at multiple levels, or worked at a resort for umpteen years. While that would certainly be cool, I believe my combined experience in positions like Administrative Point Control Clerk, Trust Administrator (State Street Bank and Trust Co.); Customer Service Representative, Problem Resolution Center Director (Fidelity Investments); Head Chef, Line Cook (Cambridge and Nantucket, MA); VP Operations/COO/Owner (Garnet Hill, Inc.); COO/Owner (Ibex Outdoor Clothing), and Film Producer (Bode Miller – Flying Downhill), all combined as the perfect career path to get me to where I am today.

Prior to my various career adventures I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a BA in Sociology. After a time on the financial services world I went back to school, this time at Northeastern in Boston where I received my MBA in 1991.


At WCS my role is to ensure that we continue to progress as a business and as a member of the skiing, ski racing and event industries. I believe strongly in innovation and risk taking in terms of product development and processes and work to create an environment at WCS where every member of our team is comfortable with risk and aware of the importance of the role(s) they each play.

Over the past several years it has become apparent that in addition to selling products within our market we have the opportunity and responsibility to promote and educate our customers about the importance of safety in our sport. In addition, I believe that partnerships across all levels and types of customers are paramount to our success in the long term. The partnerships established over the past few years have certainly helped us in terms of our growth and success, but more importantly have allowed us to contribute something back to the industry that we rely on for our existence.


While most people assume that those of us in the industry spend 100+ days a season skiing, the reality is that most of our time on the hill is spent working or standing. That said skiing remains one of my primary passions outside of the office mostly because of the places I am able to go and the people I am with when on the hill– family, colleagues and friends. I have also been passionate about fly-fishing since I was 12 and appreciate time on the water as much as my time on snow – same substance, just in a different state. It goes without saying that my family is my joy and I have been lucky enough to travel a good portion of the globe with my wife and two children. When I am home fishing, cycling, tennis, yard work, and just about any outdoor activity make it all good!