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Fabric Fence

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The perfect sponsor or event logo fence!

Fabric Fence is made from UV stabilized PVC vinyl coated polyester yarn, and it remains flexible in extreme cold conditions (down to -40F). Fencing is sold in rolls making it easy to transport, install, roll and store. Available in blue, red, green, yellow, black and orange. Fabric Fence dimensions: 46” tall x 150’ long rolls.

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  • The fencing is Biodegradable and is welcome with open arms at landfills, it is handled with no problems nor concerns.
  • You do not need to recycle this product as you do with plastic, this material degrades much faster than plastic, thus the reason it can be thrown in a regular dumpster.
  • The product needs to be buried in order to deteriorate the fastest, if left out in the open it will only fade. Regarding fading, all of their colors have UV inhibitors however the red fades much faster than the Black which barely fades at all. This is due to natural UV inhibitors found in the colors already.
  • The Fence material is made from the same material food shelf liners are made, therefore it is ‘food’ friendly and contains NO toxins that will absorb into food or human skin. The material is even safe for consumption (to a point obviously eating fence is not what most people will do, however if a kid chews on it or puts their mouth on it he/she will not get sick.).
  • California is a very difficult state to work with when it comes to trash removal and recycling, clients disposing this product in these areas should note that all of the following regarding it being “biodegradable” may not apply to California.
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in

Blue, Red, Green, Black, Fluorescent Orange