Made in the USA

Custom Tower Pad


This is a custom item.  As such, if you wish to purchase this product, please call 800-555-0593 for more information during business hours or email at any time.

Superior quality vinyl, reinforced seams, open cell foam and durable buckles make WCS Tower and Post Pads an excellent value.

Available in a variety of sizes and color, WCS Tower and Post Pads feature: Heavy-duty, UV resistant 18 oz. coated vinyl with a -45 cold crack High-frequency welded seams Durable 90 ILD open cell foam 1.5” wide continuous straps (run completely through the pad) prevent tear-out. Choice of cold-crack tested,two piece plastic buckles or one-piece metal tourniquet buckle.
Made in the USA

Allow for 4 weeks for delivery.

This item is currently only available to purchase by phone. Please call us at 1-800-555-0593 to purchase this item.