Custom Rodeo Tyvek® Number

Part #: EN 250.


This is a custom item.  As such, if you wish to purchase this product, please call 800-555-0593 for more information during business hours or email at any time.


stag_intro]When Jumbo isn’t big enough, go with WCS Rodeo numbers for maximum impact.  [/stag_intro] At the top of the Custom Tyvek Number food chain, Rodeo numbers are large and perfect for placement on a competitor’s back and where sponsor real-estate is a must. These custom imprinted Tyvek® numbers (pin on numbers, tryout numbers, paper pinnies) can be custom imprinted with competitor numbers, names and have ample space for event and sponsor logos. They can also be custom imprinted for volunteers, event workers, and the media, with or without numbers. These recyclable Tyvek® numbered race panels are tear proof and moisture resistant making them both durable and economical, and easily pin onto clothing with safety pins. Minimum custom imprinted quantity is 100. Safety Pins sold separately.



This item can be customized. Please call us at 1-800-555-0593 to customize and purchase this item.