Fence Pole Sleeves

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These fencing attachment sleeves will make your snow and erosion fence installations more effective, better looking; and easier and more efficient to install and take down. 

Fence Barrier sleeves also help prolong the life of your snow fence by eliminating the need to cut zip ties, or wire, helping reduce expense and hassle over time. The patented system utilizes a curled plastic tube that is rigid, yet expandable, and is available in two  lengths: 48″ and 56″, each with three integrated clips spaced evenly from top to bottom. The 1  3/4″ minimum inner diameter tube is light, yet extremely sturdy and will easily accommodate T-Stakes, bamboo, or any 35mm fence pole. No more sagging, sloppy lines of fence or time consuming installations with zip-ties or wire. Fencing can also be easily rolled up with the sleeves attached making your next install even easier. The sleeve is available in orange and black and other colors upon request.

Weight .70 lbs
Dimensions 52 x 2 x 2 in

Orange, Black